Watch new Footage From Behind-the-Scenes of The Last Jedi in This Epic 11-Minute Clip

There has likely never been a Star Wars director as open about his process than The Last Jedi‘s writer/director Rian Johnson. This is to take nothing away from his fellow Star Wars creators, including The Force Awakens‘ J.J. Abrams or George Lucas himself, who have been open about their process (and in the case of Abrams, his abject fear) when plunging into the Star Wars galaxy. It’s just that Johnson has sat down for interview after interview, often on camera, and answered every conceivable question about his choices for The Last Jedi, some of which came under no small amount of fan scrutiny. He has never once gotten defensive or frustrated (at least, not in public) about having to answer for his choices, and now, we’ll be getting an even deeper look at Johnson’s ambitious, beautifully realized The Last Jedi in a new documentary from director Anthony Wonke. We’ve got the first 11-minutes of Wonke’s The Director and the Jedi, currently up on IMBD, embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

The doc will take us deeper into Johnson’s process than ever before, offering Star Wars fans a deep dive on his process, what it’s like to take the reigns on the most iconic, most popular film franchise in history, and the near impossible task of trying to control a film this massive. There’s already a bounty of cool stuff to enjoy in this 11-minute opening clip, so the full doc itself, running to two-hour-and-15-minutes, will be manna from heaven for the serious Star Wars fan.

In the below clip, we get to see the nuts and bolts of what it’s actually like to take on a Star Wars film. Johnson, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and producer Ram Bergman face the Herculean challenge of a breaking down a massive production schedule into digestible, workable parts. We get to watch Johnson workshopping with stars Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill as they rehearse and strategize one of the film’s most crucial scenes. There’s a ton of incredible shots of the cast and crew, the sets being built, others completed, as we’re whisked around the film’s many now iconic locations. If the full doc is as fun as this brief clip, The Director and the Jedi is a must-see. It arrives with the film’s Blu-ray on March 27th.

Featured image: Star Wars: The Last Jedi.L to R: Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo) and Director Rian Johnson..Photo: David James. ©2017 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


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