The Details in Star Wars: The Last Jedi You May Have Missed

So you’ve seen The Last Jedi already, correct? Because if you haven’t, go ahead and stop reading.

Welcome, likely satisfied but possibly puzzled Last Jedi viewer. If you’re anything like us, you enjoyed Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose Tico, the Resistance’s newest hero. You thrilled at the moment Finn was about to fly himself right into the mouth of a battle cannon to save the fleeing, fleeting Resistance, and you were relieved when Rose saved him from becoming the latest hero to sacrifice his life for the cause. You’re probably still trying to figure out what, exactly, happened at the very end of the film with Luke. Was he on Ahch-To and merely projecting his image into the battle with Kylo Ren, or, was he really there? You’re parsing the surprisingly riveting relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren, and you’re still marveling at the fact that Ren killed Snoke and yet, thanks to the insanely violent swing of his his emotions, Ren’s still trying to kill Luke, Rey and the entire Resistance at the end of the film. Look, the point is, The Last Jedi was a lot of movie, and it’s enough to just ponder the major moments in the film without having to wonder about all the little details you missed.

Spoiler alert—you missed a lot of little details.

But you’re not to blame. The thing about seeing a film like The Last Jedi in the theater is you simply can’t track everything that’s going on in a single viewing. You’re expectations are jacked up, you’re excited and, if we’re beign honest here, perhaps just a little bit overwhelmed? Rian Johnson’s film is a two hour and thirty-three minute epic, and there’s so much going on that you’re liable to miss stuff. Of course you miss stuff.

That’s where Looper’s six-minute video comes in. Poring over the tiniest details in the film, they’ve gathered a bunch of interesting items and tidbits you’ve likely missed. While there’s going to be questions we won’t get answered—at least not until the credits roll on Episode IX—they do a great job rounding up a bunch of cool stuff that you most likely missed, or, didn’t even know where a thing to begin with.

Like those golden dice? Or Luke’s thing with weird colored milk? Or the weird “Dark Side hole” on Luke’s home of Ahch-To. How about the Knights of Ren, did you catch them? And then there were a ton of cameos, from Tom Hardy to, wait for it, Prince Harry and William.

These details aren’t the kind that’ll keep you up at night wondering, seriously, what the heck happened to Luke at the end, but they do remind you that people, not droids, make these films, and they fill them with small little tokens of their appreciation to Star Wars’ long past, and much, much more.

Featured image: Star Wars: The Last—Jedi Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). Courtesy Lucasfilm/Walt Disney Studios


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