Ryan Gosling and Amazon MGM Set to Sink Teeth Into Zombie Comedy “I Used to Eat Brains, Now I Eat Kale”

Ryan Gosling is set to produce a zombie comedy film with an unbeatable title—I Used to Eat Brains, Now I Eat Kale—based on a short story by the twins Adam and Daniel Cooper that they’ll now adapt. Amazon MGM gobbled up the project, which will track a story about former zombies trying to adapt to a changed world.

Gosling will produce alongside Jessie Henderson, his partner at their production company General Admission, which launched earlier this year. I Used to Eat Brains, Now I Eat Kale is part of their first-look deal with Amazon.

The Cooper’s unpublished story was 42 pages long, but plot specifics are being kept secret save for the nugget that their story is set in a “post-post-apocalyptic world” where reformed, former zombies face the challenge of reintegrating into the world. Going from brains to kale would certainly qualify as an attempt at reintegration. Officially known as the Cooper Twins, they’ve written and directed shorts that have hit the festival circuit and won Clios and Golden Trailer awards for directing and editing trailers for Warner Bros, Disney, Apple, and Netflix.

Currently, Gosling is not set to star in the film, which will still need to name a director. Gosling recently completed his press tour for David Leitch’s The Fall Guy and is set to shoot Amazon MGM’s Project Hail Mary from Spider-Verse creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who are directing.

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Featured image: BERLIN, GERMANY – APRIL 19: Ryan Gosling attends the Berlin premiere of “The Fall Guy” at UCI Luxe Mercedes Platz on April 19, 2024 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Gerald Matzka/Getty Images)


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