Chris Hemsworth Eyeing Role in “Transformers” and “G.I. Joe” Crossover Movie

Chris Hemsworth knows a thing or two (or three) about blockbuster franchises. From Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Dementus in George Miller’s Mad Max wasteland, Hemsworth has no problem carrying the weight of a movie world on his shoulders.

Now, the talented Aussie is in talks to star in Paramount’s upcoming Transformers and G.I. Joe crossover film. The reality of this upcoming cinematic event was teased at the end of Transformers: Rise of the Beastswhen Anthony Ramos’s Noah Diaz is offered a job by Michael Kelly’s Agent Burke at what he first mistakes to be an autobody shop. Agent Burke clues him in on the fact that the job, in fact, is with the U.S. Government, and it deals with machinery—and weaponry—a little more sophisticated. Given Noah’s recent exposure to the Transformers, he’s an ideal candidate to join the program. When he hands Noah a business card, it’s clear Burke works for the G.I. Joes, a special commando unit with unique skill sets. While the Transformers and G.I. Joes have crossed over in the pages of the comics before, they’ve never done so in film.

“Noah goes from somebody who cannot get a job to a guy who gets the greatest job ever. It really felt organic to put it in here because you could relate it to the story,” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura told Variety. “It didn’t feel like we were being cynical and like, ‘Good news, we could just jam G.I. Joes in here.’ The fans want a lot of things; if we do it and we don’t figure it out well, they’re going to be disappointed. It took us a while to figure out the Maximals, and now we have the hint of how to begin the Joes story.”

Hemsworth already has his Transformers bonafides—he voices the young Optimus Prime in the upcoming animated film Transformers One, which bows on September 20. But stepping into a live-action role in the first-ever Transformers/G.I. Joes crossover film will be an even bigger deal.

L-r, Brian Tyree Henry (D-16), Keegan-Michael Key (B-127), Scarlett Johansson (Elita-1) and Chris Hemsworth (Orion Pax) star in PARAMOUNT ANIMATION and HASBRO Present In Association with NEW REPUBLIC PICTURES A di BONAVENTURA PICTURES Production A TOM DESANTO / DON MURPHY Production A BAY FILMS Production “TRANSFORMERS ONE”

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Featured image: Caption: Chris Hemsworth in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ action adventure “FURIOSA: A MAD MAX SAGA,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo Credit: Jasin Boland


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