Jennifer Lopez Takes on a Lethal AI in Official “Atlas” Trailer

Atlas Shepherd (Jennifer Lopez) is not a fan of artificial intelligence, but in director Brad Peyton’s sci-fi thriller Atlasshe’s going to have to learn how to differentiate the evil AI from the kind that might save humanity. The official trailer puts more meat on the bone (or bytes in the code?) in the Lopez-led thriller for Netflix, who returns to the streamer after delivering a knockout blow with her action hit The Mother last year.

Lopez’s Atlas has a bad history with AI, having spent years of life hunting a rogue, rather rough AI known as Harlan (played by Simu Liu), and in Atlas, she accepts a mission to hunt Harlan down. Her mission goes awry, and she’s marooned on an inhospitable planet—what’s even worse, she has to rely on an AI calling itself Smith (voiced by Gregory James Cohan) to survive.

The official trailer reveals more of Atlas’s struggles on this alien planet (the terrain is not easy to navigate, especially in her massive mechanized suit) and her growing dependence on Smith not only to survive but to neutralize the threat of the rogue Harlan. The more Atlas learns to trust Smith, the more she begins to understand how it—and AI in general—experiences the world. In turn, Smith becomes closer to Atlas and learns from her. By the trailer’s end, the two have become a fearsome duo.

Joining Lopez, Liu, and Cohan are recent Oscar nominee Sterling K. Brown, along with Abraham Popoola, Lana Parrilla, and Mark Strong.

Check out the trailer below. Atlas lands on Netflix on May 24.


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Featured image: Atlas. Jennifer Lopez as Atlas Shepherd on the set of Atlas. Cr. Ana Carballosa/Netflix ©2024.


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