It’s Millie Bobby Brown vs. a Dargon in First “Damsel” Trailer

So imagine you’re a damsel, only you’re not really about the whole distress bit. You marry a handsome prince, but it turns out you’ve been duped. The royal family has agreed to the marriage to repay an ancient debt, and you, the damsel, are how they plan to pay it. You’re marooned inside an icy cave with one other resident—a dragon—and your only chance for survival isn’t the prince or some white knight but your own wits.

This is the conceit of Damsel, a new film from Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, which stars Millie Bobby Brown as the damsel, Princess Elodie, who’s rudely used as dragon food. Brown is surrounded by a fantastic cast, which includes Robin Wright, Angela Bassett, Ray Winstone, Nick Robinson, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Brooke Carter, Manon Stieglitz, and more.

The first trailer reveals the look and feel of Fresnadillo’s film (he directs from a script by Dan Mazeau), which only teases the dragon as we find Princess Elodie’s icy imprisonment in the cave, and her considerable pluck as she sets about trying to free herself. Set to Timber Timbre’s “Run From Me,” the trailer centers Princess Elodie’s potentially fatal predicament, as well as the rationale provided by Robin Wright’s queen. “For generations, it has been our task to protect our people,” she says. “So tonight, you join a long line of women who have helped to build this kingdom. The price is dear, but so, too, the reward.”

The price is especially dear for Princess Elodie, but we’re betting she’s got what it takes to turn the queen’s statement on its head—who ends up paying the price and who enjoys the reward will be the question Damsel will eventually answer.

Check out the trailer below. Damsel arrives on Netflix in 2024:

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Featured image: Millie Bobby Brown in “Damsel.” Courtesy Netflix.


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