Stunning Trailer for “Life on Our Planet” Reveals Netflix’s Steven Spielberg-Produced Docuseries

An astonishing 99% of Earth’s inhabitants are lost to history. Magnificent creatures who once roamed, flew, foraged, and swam are no more, yet in Netflix’s new Life on Our Planet, we can watch, with astonishing realism and detail, what their lives were like. The new series, produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television and narrated by Morgan Freeman, aims to retell the nearly four billion years worth of life on the blue planet with a little help from Industrial Light & Magic, the visual effects company that George Lucas founded. The first trailer for the series opens with a scene that looks straight out of Jurassic Park, with a triceratops peaceably foraging when a T-Rex comes bursting out of the tree line.

“This is the story of the great battles of survival,” Freeman narrates in his iconic baritone, “and the dynasties that would take over the world.” Life on Our Planet will map the unparalleled drama of life on our planet from the very beginning up to today, some 3.8 billion years worth of triumph and tragedy.

The team behind Life on Our Planet knows a thing or two about crafting award-worthy docuseries. Silverback Films, the folks behind Netflix’s Emmy-winning docuseries Our Planet.

The footage is stunning. The story couldn’t be more epic.

Check out the trailer below. Life on Our Planet streams on Netflix on October 25:

Here’s the official synopsis:

This is the story of life’s epic battle to conquer and survive on planet Earth. Today there are 20 million species on our planet, yet what we see is just a snapshot in time — 99% of earth’s inhabitants are lost to our deep past. The story of what happened to these dynasties — their rise and their fall — is truly remarkable. In partnership with Industrial Light & Magic, the series uses the latest technology and science to bring long extinct creatures back to life, Life on Our Planet reveals the incredible story of life on our planet.

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