“The Flash” Drops Electrifying Final Trailer With Fresh Footage of Batman & Supergirl

The final trailer for The Flash opens not with a bang but with a comedic beat. Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) is all set to use his super speed to break the sound barrier and dash off, but first, he’s stopped by some screaming fans, and next, by Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons), who is patching a call through from Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), who needs to see Barry immediately. This is what life is like for the youngest man in the Justice League—he’s at the beck and call of his elder superhero statesmen.

The trailer is our longest, most expansive look yet at director Andy Muscietti’s The Flash, which is speeding into theaters with a tremendous amount of positive tailwind. Tom Cruise has seen it and loved it, Stephen King has seen it and loved it, and, perhaps most crucially, newly minted DC Studios co-chief James Gunn has seen it, loved it, and called it one of the best superhero films he’s ever seen.

In the universe the trailer begins in, it’s Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne who’s the protector of Gotham, and he’s just finding out that Barry’s abilities let him travel back in time. Barry tells him this means he can fix things. Save people. And then, the real reason for his desire to speed back into history—to save his mom. Heck, he could even save Bruce’s parents. But Bruce Wayne is no fool; he’s likely seen a few time travel movies in his day, and he reminds Barry he could also destroy everything. You can’t meddle with the past without changing the future, and you have no way of knowing whether that change will be for the betterment of everybody.

The Flash will explore what happens when Barry does just that, heading back in time to try and save his mom and right the wrongs of the past. One of his first tests will wear a similar face, in fact, his face, as Barry will come into contact with himself. Another issue Barry will come into contact with goes by the name General Zod (Michael Shannon), killed by Superman in 2013’s Man of Steel in that universe, but alive and even more horrible in the one Barry has raced off into.

The trailer offers fresh footage of Sasha Calle’s Supergirl and Michael Keaton’s Batman, two allies the two Barry’s will not survive without. Set appropriately to Pink Floyd’s epic song “Time,” the final trailer for The Flash seems to dare the people who claim superhero fatigue to miss out on the fun.

Check out the final trailer below. The Flash speeds into theaters on June 16:

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