James Gunn Announces Pre-Production Has Begun on “Superman: Legacy”

It’s Superman’s anniversary today, and new DC Studios co-chief James Gunn is celebrating it in style. Gunn revealed via Twitter that early pre-production has officially begun on his upcoming film Superman: Legacy, which is both writing and directing. Superman’s first appearance on the pages of Action Comics came on April 18, 1938, and now, 85-years later, the most iconic superhero of them all is about to get his first stand-alone film in a decade.

Things are moving fast now over at the reinvigorated DC Studios, with Gunn and co-chief Peter Safran taking the studio in a new, more unified direction, and Superman: Legacy is a major part of that effort and will be the first film released under their leadership. (Upcoming DC titles The Flash, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom were all produced and filmed before Gunn and Safran took over).

Here was Gunn’s reveal on Twitter:

Gunn also responded to some questions from fans on Twitter, including whether or not he’d finished the entire Legacy script or had only completed the title page:

Superman: Legacy will be the first new stand-alone Superman film since Zack Snyder’s 2013 Man of Steel, which, of course, starred Henry Cavill. Cavill went on to portray Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017) and had a brief cameo in Black Adam (2022). Gunn is recasting the role for a younger Clark Kent, and it will be one of the most sought-after jobs in Hollywood, a role that will likely result in multiple films.

Here’s how Peter Safran described Superman: Legacy after he and Gunn unveiled the first part of their DC Studios slate: “It focuses on Superman balancing his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing. He is the embodiment of truth, justice, and the American way. He is kindness in a world that thinks that kindness is old-fashioned.”

Superman: Legacy is slated for a July 11, 2025 release.

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