“Barry” Season 4 Review Round-Up: A Stunning Coda For Bill Hader’s Hitman Series

Barry‘s end is nigh—for both the series and, one has to suspect, for Bill Hader’s haunted hitman. Critics are weighing in on the fourth and final season, and it sounds as if Hader and his Barry team have delivered a stunning coda.

Barry is not easy viewing, but it’s been a relentlessly original, occasionally hilarious, and almost always surprising masterclass in storytelling. Hader, co-creator Alec Berg, and the cast and crew have consistently taken the show into deeper, weirder, wilder territory.

“The plot is constructed as a mesmerizing Rube Goldberg machine, a bloody sequence of cause and effect that makes nihilism engaging,” says Vanity Fair‘s Richard Lawson about season 4. “And the series tantalizingly dangles the possibility of an ultimate moral reckoning.”

“The series has felt wholly original from the jump, even as it’s evolved from Hollywood satire into something much darker and deeper,” writes Rolling Stone‘s Alan Sepinwall. “And it is very much going out on its own terms with its incredible fourth and final season.”

Let’s take a brief, spoiler-free stroll through what the critics are saying. Barry returns to HBO for its fourth and final season on April 16:

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Featured image: Bill Hader in “Barry.” Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO



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