Brie Larson Reveals Her “Fast X” Character

We now know exactly who Brie Larson is playing in the upcoming tenth film in the franchise, Fast X. Larson revealed to Total Film that she’s playing Tess, the daughter of Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell). Russell’s character, a covert agent, has appeared in several films in the franchise, including Fast & Furious 7, The Fate of the Furious, and most recently, F9. In F9, it was revealed that Mr. Nobody helped Han (Sung Kang) fake his death.

“Tess is Mr. Nobody’s daughter,” Larson revealed to Total Film. “She is technically Agency, but she’s kind of a bridge, in a way. She doesn’t go along with the way that the Agency’s headed now that her father isn’t there. She believes in the legacy that her father set up, which is standing with Dom and standing with the Toretto family, and is fighting for that. Dom knows that she has a strong mind and definitely respects that she’s gone out of her way to talk to him and wants to build trust. What he asks of Tess is a test. Like, if it’s an impossible task, and she can get it done, then that’s family for life.”

Mr. Nobody’s fate was left an open question after his plane crashed at the start of F9. It seems reasonable to assume we’ll learn more about his status from Tess, who Larson says is “a little bit of a mystery.”

“She is part of the Agency, but she also goes rogue and edges more towards the family side, but that means she has a lot to prove,” Larson told Total Film. “When Dom gives her an impossible task that’s going to require a lot of thought and effort and also is putting herself at risk, she doesn’t question it. I think that shows who she is, that she’s willing to go to those lengths. She agrees to do it because she wants to show up for this family the way that her father did. She’s also really intelligent. Tess plays the game well. She’s not afraid of going on her own mission to do what she feels is right in her heart.”

Larson joins Jason Momoa as two of the biggest new stars to get behind the wheel of a new Fast film. Fast X will focus on Momoa’s villain Dante and his long-standing beef with Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel). The trailer revealed that Dante’s vendetta against Dom and the family began way back during the events of Fast Five (2011) when Dom and the crew took down the Brazilian drug kingpin Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida) in Rio de Janeiro. That kingpin was Dante’s father, and he watched the entire thing go down. He’s spent the past dozen years planning his revenge on Dom, and in Fast X, he’ll be looking to finally get his payback. Larson’s Tess will have some say in the matter, of course.

Fast X was directed by Louis Leterrier. Returning stars include Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jordana Brewster, Sung Kang, Jason Statham, John Cena, Scott Eastwood, Helen Mirren, and Charlize Theron. Newcomers joining Larson and Momoa are Alan Richtson (Reacher) as Aimes, the new head of the Agency; Daniela Melchior as a Brazilian street racer connected to Dom’s past; and the icon Rita Moreno as Dom and Mia’s Abuelita Toretto.

Fast X races into theaters on May 19.

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Featured image: Brie Larson is Tess in FAST X, directed by Louis Leterrier


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