Watch The Best Dance Scenes From Netflix’s “Work It”

Director Laura Terruso’s Work It, which premiered on Netflix on August 7, is something of a love letter to hip-hop. In the film, a straight-A high school senior Quinn (Sabrina Carpenter) wants nothing more than to go to Duke. She wants to become a Blue Devil so bad, in fact, that she responds to her college interviewer’s offhanded comment that she appreciates dance with a lie, claiming she’s also a dance lover. Reader, she’s not. Thus begins Quinn’s mission to learn how to dance, requiring her to assemble a rag-tag team of expert movers-and-shakers. Ans voila; here’s the conceit of Terruso’s joyous late-summer film. In a new video just released by Netflix, we see some of the best dance sequences from a film full of them.

The moves in Work It look great because Terruso has assembled a cast that can really dance. Quinn’s best friend Jas (Liza Koshy) and the hotshot Jake (Jordan Fisher) teach her how to move—in real life, Koshy and Fisher are top-flight professional dancers. Work It utilizes their skills, and many others, while also having loving fun with the high school dance genre itself—there’s a reference to Channing Tatum and Step Up, for example.

Mostly, though, Work It lets its own moves speak for itself. You can how well those moves work in the video below:

Here’s the official synopsis from Netflix:

When Quinn Ackerman’s (Sabrina Carpenter) admission to the college of her dreams depends on her performance at a dance competition, she forms a ragtag group of dancers to take on the best squad in school…now she just needs to learn how to dance.

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Featured image: Work It: Nathaniel Scarlette as DJ Tapes, Liza Koshy as Jasmine Hale, Sabrina Carpenter as Quinn Ackerman, Tyler Hutchings as Robby G., Indiana Mehta as Priya, Neil Robles as Chris Royo, Bianca Asilo as Raven of Work It. Cr. Brendan Adam-Zwelling/Netflix © 2020


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