The Final “Tenet” Trailer is a Big, Beautiful Puzzle

While this weekend saw a ton of major Warner Bros. related trailer reveals thanks to the DC FanDome Event, Christoper Nolan’s Tenet, decidedly not a superhero movie but a film with some super wild abilities on display nonetheless, revealed it’s the final trailer, too. While Tenet has been in the news for months due to the ever-evolving question of will it or won’t it premiere in actual theaters, the trailer reminds us that the reason there’s been so much press on its’ theatrical release plan is that people really, really want to see Nolan’s latest on the biggest screen possible.

The new trailer is three minutes long, by far the most extended look we’ve had yet. It also comes out after international critics have had a look at the film. Their consensus thus far is that, once again, Nolan’s delivered a dazzling puzzle of a film, a sibling of sorts to his dazzling, puzzle-like 2010 film Inception. According to these critics, all the things you look for—to be honest, expect, at this point—in a Nolan film are here. If you hop over to Rotten Tomatoes, you’ll catch adjectives like “eye-popping,” “ground-breaking,” and “head-scrambling technical intricacy.” As the Independent‘s Clarisse Loughrey writes, “Tenet is a thrilling place to get lost in.”

You can even get lost a little in the final trailer, which isn’t here to lay out the plot any more than the previous two trailers were. What it does do, however, is reveal a bit more of just how big this film is. Whether you get to see it in a movie theater or not will depend on where in the world you are, but Tenet is another must-see film from one of our most ambitious filmmakers.

Tenet will play in theaters, where available, on September 3. For available cities and showtimes, visit Check out the final trailer here:

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Featured image: Caption: (L-r) JOHN DAVID WASHINGTON and ROBERT PATTINSON in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action epic “TENET,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo Credit: Melinda Sue Gordon/Warner Bros.


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