This Hidden Westworld Season 3 Trailer Reveals Totally Different Footage

Remember how last Thursday, HBO dropped this sensational new Westworld trailer? It turns out, there’s an entirely different trailer for season three that reveals entirely different footage. This “secret” trailer was revealed by a Reddit user who did a deep dive on the Westworld viral website Incite, Inc. and found out that if you visit the page with a VPN and clean browser history, the secret trailer will reveal itself. (via Collider, who found this out from /Film and Dark Horizons).

This secret trailer begins with the words “Escape is Not Freedom,” followed by Aaron Paul’s Caleb with a gun to his head. The man holding the pistol is another Westworld newcomer, played by Vincent Cassel. Then we get “Reality is Not Optimizable,” followed by Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) writhing on the ground, then “Desire is Not Power,” which is followed by Maeve (Thandie Newton) apparently grieving over something (it looks a lot like a sequence from the previous two seasons when Maeve’s tragic backstory was revealed). What, exactly, is going on here?

This trailer is very, very different from the thrilling, official trailer HBO released last Thursday. That glimpse gave us an epic Dolores v. Maeve showdown, revealing the ramifications of Dolores breaking free and into the real world of everyday humans. We saw Dolores recruit Aaron Paul’s Caleb, and we saw Cassel’s character recruit Maeve to hunt down and kill Dolores. This secret trailer eschews plot reveals for a series of proclamations—”Independence is not Negotiable,” Destiny is not Digital,” “Disruption is Not Change,” “Chaos is Not Revolution,” and “Death is Not Dissent” over scrambled, wordless images of our main characters, including Tessa Thompson’s robot version of Charlotte Hale, Ed Harris’s Man in Black, and Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard.

Then, we do get some actual dialogue. Dolores says “I’m going to show this world for what it really is…and the truth shall set you free.” Just to complicate matters, the last bit of text is “Free Will is Not Free.”

Check out the cryptic secret trailer here:

Westworld season three returns to HBO on March 15 for an 8-episode run.

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