Are Things as Happy-Go-Lucky for Shazam As They Appear in New Trailer?

Being super takes practice. In the latest trailer for Shazam, Billy Batson (Asher Angel) acquires his powers overnight, but it will take a lot longer to figure out how to use them.

We haven’t seen a trailer for the kid superhero movie since San Diego Comic Con last summer. The fun new look at the teenager transformation movie shows that being endowed with extraordinary abilities by a wizard doesn’t come with a handbook. The concept may seem goofy, but there’s an endearing honesty here as Shazam (Zachary Levi) and his best friend Freddy (Jack Dylan Grazer) test the boundaries of Billy’s new superpowers. With clever and witty honesty, things don’t always go flawlessly. A kid is still a kid, even if he’s fighting the meanest villains on the planet.

As Shazam, Billy has super strength, electricity manipulation, and hyper-speed. Nonetheless, sometimes his efforts miss the mark like shooting off sparks and leaping over skyscrapers. He also appears old enough to buy beer, which is obviously the best part of being a fourteen-year-old in an adult body.

With great powers also come great enemies. Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong) also has electricity in his fingers, flight, and super strength. He also has way more experience than the newly minted Shazam.

Although the new trailer is action-packed, original, and very funny, it doesn’t dive very deeply into the plot. One fan took note and director David F. Sandberg responded.

Obviously, Sandberg is in the camp of, “You have to watch to find out.” To us, that indicates there is something here worth hiding. What exactly is the conflict and how will it affect our young hero?

The trailers have been really lighthearted and a major departure from the dark tone of DCEU films like Justice League. Could that be a red herring? Keeping things cheerful because the hero is actually a kid makes sense, but it also makes the stakes that much higher. Heroes die in this universe, looking at you Clark Kent. If Billy is in real danger, that could be more stunning than the plight of his adult counterparts.

Keeping things close to the chest is a really interesting move by Sandberg. James Wan’s Aquaman recently made epic waves at the box office. The aquatic action film put a ton of footage out there including a giant 5-minute trailer at NYCC. Showing a lot of the film in advance didn’t seem to hurt interest, but Shazam appears to be taking the opposite approach.

Whether or not we know much about Billy Batson’s journey before seeing the film, it looks like a fun adventure. DC has earned our trust with some films that really pack a punch, so we are willing to wade into the unknown and discover the secrets of Shazam together.

Shazam hits theaters April 5.

Featured Image: (L-r) JACK DYLAN GRAZER as Freddy Freeman and ZACHARY LEVI as Shazam in New Line Cinema’s action adventure “SHAZAM!,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/ & (c) DC Comics



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