NYCC: Extended Aquaman Trailer Reveals Arthur’s Traditional Costume

In the midst of New York Comic Con, a new hero is rising. An epic five-minute trailer released today reveals much more about Arthur Curry’s (Jason Momoa) ascension to Aquaman than we’ve ever seen. To rise to his promised place on the throne, he must first descend beneath the waves.

A single drop of sweat, or uh other bodily fluid, can unlock the secrets to a watery alternate realm. With the help of Mera (Amber Heard), Arthur embarks on a journey to save his mother’s (Nicole Kidman) homeland. We know Atlantis is incredibly wealthy based on their very abundant supply of gold. They’re also apparently extremely technologically advanced. Even their secret messages are captured in holographic form.

When Arthur and Mera reach Atlantis, there are also advanced undersea ships that power them through the ocean. It doesn’t look like Aquaman will need that ride, though. He is as fast as a submarine and strong enough to lift one out of the sea. Arthur’s brother, Orm, has used his power to wage war on the land. In addition to all of that technology, Orm has an extra edge. He seems to be in control of all of the ocean’s creatures. Giant seahorses and sharks aid their army as they swim on to world domination.

Curry’s heritage ties him to both the land and the sea, which may give him a competitive advantage. While it looks like there is plenty of action on dry land, this is our best look yet at the conflict that will take place beneath the waves. Aquaman is expected to feature the most extensive underwater battles in the DCEU and director James Wan has set up an extravagant biome of sea life.

The previous trailer and images have prepared us for the conflict between the siblings, but the new look at the film gives us an extended scene featuring Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). The land-dwelling native uses a helmet to go beneath the waves and wage war on Aquaman. Even Arthur is confused about who this new enemy could be, but he isn’t too offended by the laser blasting bad guys.

Eventually, Arthur makes his full transformation and for the first time, we see the traditional green and gold outfit of the comics. The design is consistent with the rest of the DCEU striking similar tones to Wonder Woman and Batman. The malleable armor aligns with Aquaman’s well-developed muscle groups much like other members of the Justice League. However, the colors are bright and he has fins, appropriate for fighting under the sea. Whether it will be enough to defeat Black Manta and overcome Orm for the throne has yet to be seen.

Aquaman premieres December 21.

Featured Image: JASON MOMOA as Aquaman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “AQUAMAN,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/ ™ & © DC Comics


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