The Wilsons Face Deadly Doppelgängers in New Us TV Spot

The trailers for Us just get crazier and crazier. Jordan Peele knows how to drill straight to the heart of terror.

For Get Out it was a fate worse than death. Can anyone honestly drink out of a teacup again without fearing they’ll be pulled into The Sunken Place? The body snatching while still sentient horror made us afraid of something we didn’t even know to be scared of until he wrote it.

Now, a new trailer reveals more about the nature of The Tethered. It is a terrifying premise that gains intensity with every snippet of footage we see from the film. The latest features the Wilson family in an It Follows style nightmare, except the monsters look exactly like them.

The new look is short, but there are lots of new moments here. We get more of Winston Duke as Gabe Wilson and although we don’t know a lot about their relationship yet, appears to be a fun dad and loving husband. Definitely not someone who deserves to have a doppelganger chase him around with scissors.

Speaking of, there are plenty of those. Thank goodness for safety scissors or I may never cut something again as long as I live. Apparently, no one in the mirror world that these monsters hail from has been told not to run with sharp objects. What is so exciting about seeing more and more of these creatures is the incredible range every actor shows in playing their own tormenter. The first time I see this film I’ll just be absorbed. But after a few watches, I will really want to pay attention to the dual performances they each contribute.

We also get to see more of The Tethered’s traumatizing acts. They are disturbing and relentless. With animal-like movements, they seem to be able to outmaneuver the family, but it’s difficult to say how cognizant they are. They clearly have predatory instincts, but will they be easy to outsmart? I’m so intrigued to see if this is moving toward a Stepford Wife finale with the Tethered replacing the real Wilsons. Right now, it looks more likely they are just out for blood, but how are the two families truly connected?

Us invades theaters on March 22.

Featured Image: “Us.” Courtesy of Universal Pictures. 


Kelle Long

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