Venom and Carnage are On a Collision Course for Sequel

Woody Harrelson’s Cletus Kasady promised in Venom, “There will be carnage.” And so there shall be. The mid-credits scene signaled a sequel to Eddie Brock’s (Tom Hardy) symbiote transformation that has now been officially green-lit.

Venom took a massive bite out of the worldwide box office chomping up $855 million. Unsurprisingly, there is more to come from the alien inhabited investigative reporter. Variety is reporting that the creative team is beginning work on Venom 2 slated for October 2020.

Screenwriter Kelly Marcel, who was on the writing team for the original film, has been asked to return to pen the sequel. Marcel has a broad background including Fifty Shade of Grey, Terra Nova, and Saving Mr. Banks. Her work could result in something crazy and cool. Director Ruben Fleischer is likely to pass off those duties while he is entrenched in the Zombieland sequel.

Brock turned up more than a few stones in the first film, and one of his investigations led him to Cletus Kasady. As early as April of last year, Harrelson’s role was rumored to be classic Venom enemy Carnage. The suspicions were confirmed in a mid-credits scene where Kasady references his future villain name.

The story will be symbiote vs. symbiote as Carnage is afflicted with the same extraterrestrial goo that gives Venom his powers. While Brock struggles to remain in control of his super-abilities and use them for good (when he can), Carnage unleashes his newly acquired gifts in all nasty ways. Kasady was anticipated to be a villain in the first film, but Carlton Drake aka Riot (Riz Ahmed) manifested as Venom’s main foe. As the symbiote invasion and combined powers with their human hosts grow, the stakes and consequences can quickly spin out of control.

The motion capture for Venom was incredible and the final design was seriously freaky. Tom Hardy’s performance was hugely entertaining and we can’t wait to see Harrelson put his spin on the symbiote relationship.

Featured Image: Venom (2018). Courtesy Sony Pictures


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