Agrabah Comes Alive in First Images from Aladdin

The new Disney live-action adaptations are a visual treat that draws us into worlds of imagination. Things that we dreamed about as children through hand-drawn animation are now coming alive before our eyes. One of the most magical and ambitious to adapt is the 1992 masterpiece Aladdin. Agrabah may not exist, but the first look at the enchanted kingdom from Entertainment Weekly reveals it is as rich in beauty and mystery as ever.

The first teaser for the Arabian fairytale revealed vast desert sands and the first peek at Aladdin himself (Mena Massoud), but we were still waiting to see Jasmine (Naomi Scott). The wait was worth it. EW premiered new images from the film including the first look at Jasmine’s iconic costume. The most ornately adorned Disney princess looks truly regal in costume designer Michael Wilkinson’s gorgeous pieces. The beading on her traditional teal and gold pantsuit is to die for. If Disney doesn’t sell replicas of her jewelry set, they are missing a major opportunity. Jasmine is going to single-handedly bring back tiaras.

Jasmine’s style looks great, but we are itching to see Naomi Scott in action. The Power Rangers star is getting her own song in the film, which is long overdue. Alan Menken is writing the music and Benj Pasek and Justin Paul are penning the lyrics, which is exactly what the powerful princess deserves. “Jasmine’s main objective at the beginning is to really protect her people and to do right by them. She definitely isn’t a finished article at the beginning of the movie, but she has this beautiful arc and progression, and she goes from asking for what she wants to just taking it, and displaying that she is a leader,” Scott told EW. We are here for it.

In addition to beefing up Jasmine’s role, the new Aladdin will offer a twist on the Genie. Will Smith admitted that Robin Williams’ performance looms large, but he is offering his own version. Luckily, Smith has his own legendary career to tap into including the Fresh Prince. “I think it’ll stand out as unique even in the Disney world. There hasn’t been a lot of that hip-hop flavor in Disney history,” Smith told EW.

The new images and insight point to Aladdin being one of the most decadent adaptations yet. This just may be what we’ve been wishing for.

Aladdin opens in theaters May 24.

Featured Image: Mena Massoud in Aladdin Courtesy: Walt Disney Studios


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