Tom Holland Sports His New Spider-Man: Far From Home Suit on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Spidey is changing his stripes again…or web? What we mean is he’s getting a new Spider-Man suit. Spider-Man: Far from Home star Tom Holland dropped into Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to retrieve his mask. The rest of his outfit, however, is what drew all the attention.

In a clever bit on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Guillermo burst onto stage wearing Peter Parker’s mask. In its absence, Holland reached for the next best thing. Or, at least the next thing. It didn’t really look that practical. The Avenger chased Guillermo with a cone on his head until the big reveal that it was Holland, himself.

The mask may have been the focus of the sketch, but what was most surprising was the new design of Holland’s Spidey suit. The web-slinging superhero has graduated from navy accents to black. The spider insignia has also gotten a high-tech upgrade. What was sort of an illustration in Homecoming is now more of a logo. Clean lines and geometric shapes now makeup the symbol. It seems to even reflect the design of Spider-Man’s mentor, Iron Man, who sports an electromagnet heart.

This look really shows a maturing for the youngest Avenger. It looks sleeker and grown up, even a little somber. After losing half of his friends, bright colors just aren’t as appropriate anymore. If the Avengers are to outwit Thanos, they’ll need to take things a little more seriously and this gives Spider-Man a more intimidating look. Although, the iron suit in Infinity War definitely had practical applications.

Holland previewed the suit on Instagram earlier this week, but it was difficult to know what it would look like in action. Now, we can see it from all angles as Holland runs around onstage, and even shows off a flip. He worked hard to get those super athletic skills for filming, so might as well use them when the occasion arises.

Spider-Man: Far From Home has wrapped filming and will open July 5.

Featured Image: Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland).


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