Watch Tom Holland Do His Own Spider-Man: Homecoming Stunts

When you have the ability to swing through the air on spider webs and scale tall buildings without ropes, some pretty cool stunts are going to follow. There are some insanely talented stunt actors in Hollywood that often fill in for their more famous counterparts, but Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland wanted to tackle as many of Spidey’s moves as he could.

MTV just shared a video highlighting some of Holland’s most impressive feats on set. One of the most memorable scenes saw Spider-Man scaling the National Monument. Holland runs at the monument without hesitation before scaling the wall dozens of feet in the air. Executive Producer Jeremy Latcham praised Holland’s efforts that allowed filmmakers to not only capture the cool moves, but also his emotional performance. In one stunt, Holland even goes off the ropes to do a backflip onto a stunt mat.

Holland invested a lot of time into training and is has a dance and gymnastics background. Director Kevin Feige praised the youngest Avenger calling Holland, “the best Spider-Man stunt person ever.” Of course, Holland did swap out with stunt professionals when necessary, but it was a team effort to find the best look for the shot.  

“There were stunt doubles who were all very, very talented guys who really supported me throughout the process. Whenever there was a stunt that I didn’t necessarily feel comfortable about, they would step in and show my how to do it, and coach me through the process.”

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Spider-Man: Homecoming is available on digital September 26 and Blu-ray and DVD October 17. 

Featured: Spider-Man fights off the bad guys on the Staten Island Ferry in Columbia Pictures’ SPIDER-MAN™: HOMECOMING. Courtesy of Columbia Pictures


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