Don Cheadle Drops the Latest Hint about the Avengers 4 Title

There is no one who knows better to keep a lid on Marvel secrets than Don Cheadle. The actor unsuccessfully tried to save his co-star, Mark Ruffalo, from spoiling the ending to Infinity War. Luckily, Thanos must have wiped our memories, because it wasn’t until after the film was released that anyone realized the flub was authentic. Now, the biggest mystery in the MCU is what Avengers 4 will actually be titled. Cheadle teased fans this morning by issuing a very unhelpful clue.

A fan tweeted a plea to Cheadle asking for a hint about the Avengers 4 title. Cheadle surprisingly obliged, but it was more than a little vague. The reply was rich with hyperbole but vacant of any real information. Here’s what Cheadle told fans:

i shouldn’t do this, but because i love you all so much i’ll give you a hint. the title will incorporate letters that will be organized in a coherent fashion with the express purpose of communicating to the consumer the content of the film. (i’m i’m [sic] so much trouble…)”

It is unsurprising that Cheadle decided to play coy. That fan can always brag that he got a response from the star, which is just as cool, right? Before we can get to the final showdown between Thanos and the Avengers, Captain Marvel will have to fly onto the scene. Perhaps the title somehow relates to the intergalactic hero?

Avengers 4 has wrapped shooting so surely, we are getting close to having that title in our hot little hand. Maybe the secrecy is a result of potential spoilers within the title itself. Or perhaps directors Anthony and Joe Russo are just giving us a little more time to recover from Infinity War. That was a major cliffhanger and it left us with such a different mood than the rest of the Marvel films. Moving forward will inevitably shift the focus to the future.

Avengers 4 opens May 3.

Featured Image: Don Cheadle, Chris Evans, and Scarlett Johannson in Avengers: Infinity War. Courtesy: Disney/Marvel Studios


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