The Fabled Haven Jean Grey Escapes to in Dark Phoenix

Even powerful mutants need a place to unwind. The X-Mansion is possibly the most famous location in the X-Men canon, but the first trailer for Dark Phoenix flashed an initial glimpse at a more peaceful setting. On a tiny island, Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) finds Magneto (Michael Fassbender) in a self-sustaining commune. Director Simon Kinberg recently spoke with Empire magazine and confirmed that oasis is exactly what it seems.

The X-Men comics charts the development of a self-sustaining haven for the mutants. It eventually becomes a complex biome, but it has to start somewhere. Kinberg confirmed the island retreat featured in the trailer is the early development of Genosha.

“What you’re seeing is the beginnings of Genosha. That’s where Erik is when we meet him. It’s like Magneto’s Israel — a land built for mutants, a homeland where they can be safe and self-sufficient.”

A common struggle many of the mutants share is being able to contain their incredible powers. They can develop in dangerous and deadly ways, as Jean is about to discover. Magneto has lost control of his own abilities in the past to devastating consequences. Jean apparently will seek counsel from the fellow X-Men member, but he may not always be a compassionate confidante.

“Jean finds him there because what’s happening to her is making her do destructive things, and she doesn’t know why. The only person she’s known who has done destructive and lethal things in the past but came back from it is Magneto. She feels he alone can give her answers because he’s lived both sides. He’s lost control and killed and hurt people, some of whom he even loved, and yet he’s also found a measure of peace and that’s what she’s searching for.”

The future of the X-Men franchise has not yet been charted, so it’s difficult to predict where the mutants will fall after the Dark Phoenix rises. This will undoubtedly fracture the team, however. Hopefully, we’ll see them living in peace one day whether in Genosha or not.

Dark Phoenix opens February 14.


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