Piecing Together the Captain Marvel Details that Will Affect the MCU

It has been long foreshadowed that Captain Marvel will be the future of the MCU. She is possibly the most powerful character, which will likely be tested in a showdown with Thanos in Avengers 4. But before that can occur, we need a proper introduction to the Starforce member.

In the Avengers: Infinity War post-credits scene, Nick Fury sends out a signal to humanity’s only hope, who appeared to be Captain Marvel. The two apparently have a history with a new image showing a much younger Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) in the upcoming Captain Marvel film. Now, Marvel Studios has confirmed she is just the hero he intended to call.

“She is more powerful than any character we’ve introduced thus far,” Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige told EW. “So that alone tells you that there’s a reason Nick hit that button at the end [of Infinity War], when he realized that they were up against something far bigger than they had ever been up against before. And having her on your side is hopefully going to change the balance of power in a way that they desperately need.”

However, not every superhero accepts their calling willingly. Some are more reluctant than others and do not even see themselves as heroic. Such was the case for Brie Larson who was hesitant to ever take to the skies as Carol Danvers.

“I never saw myself doing something like this, mostly because I like being anonymous,” Larson told EW. “I like disappearing into characters, and I always felt like if I was out in the public eye too much, it potentially limits you in the future.”

Being a part of the MCU is no small obligation. However, the character was ultimately persuasive enough for Larson to commit.

“Just seeing a character who says how she feels and says what’s on her mind and doesn’t let people stand in her way is incredibly empowering,” Larson said.

While we pour over new Captain Marvel details, there are still some major mysteries to be solved. Co-star Jude Law gave an extensive interview to EW about his character without ever mentioning his name. The most popular speculation by far is that he plays Mar-Vell, Captain Marvel’s love interest and mentor. However, Law will not confirm. He did speak to his character’s relationship with Danvers.

“These extraordinary powers she has, he sees them as something of a blessing and something that she has to learn how to control,” Law said. “That’s a motif throughout the piece, the element of learning to control one’s emotions and to use your powers wisely.”

Whether or not Law ultimately plays Mar-Vell or another character, he’ll have a critical role in shaping Captain Marvel’s future and the fate of the MCU.

Captain Marvel flies into theaters March 6.

Featured Image: Captain Marvel Courtesy: Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Studios


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