Jordan Peele in Talks to Bring Back the Candyman

Hellraiser might be the film that comes to mind most quickly when you hear the name Clive Barker, but Candyman is an even juicier slice of Barker’s works. The horror legend began both ideas as short stories with Candyman being adapted into a 1992 film starring Tony Todd. If you’re unfamiliar with the 90s trilogy, the story is gruesomely scary. It also has a socio-political narrative that begs to be explored and Jordan Peele may just be the man to do it.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Peele is mulling over producing a remake of the urban legend. After the success of Get Out, Peele has proven he has bona fide horror chops and his company, Monkeypaw Productions, might be the perfect home for Candyman. Get Out was twisted and terrifying, but also had a remarkably well tuned voice to comment on race relations in America. If Peele has any desire to explore that theme in other arenas, Candyman would be well suited for it.

Candyman has one of the most interesting backstories of all the serial slashers in cinema. In life, Candyman was the son of a slave who was well respected for his art. The pleasantries only extended so far, however. The white population turned on him when he fell in love with a white woman. Her father sent a lynch mob to mutilate and murder him. The ultimate method was dousing Candyman in honey and letting him die by beestings. A century later, Candyman could be conjured by saying his name into a mirror five times, and so the carnage begins.

There is a lot to unpack in the terribly tragic history of the character. There’s also a lot of potential in today’s climate to make him more relevant to audiences than ever. We have entered an era in which younger generations who love iconic work of the 20th century now have a creative voice of their own. Much like Danny McBride resurrecting an exceptional Halloween, Peele could be a great fit for Candyman.

Bloody Disgusting does note that Peele has not given any indication he’ll write or direct. But if we say his name five times together, maybe we can see Candyman come alive once more.


Kelle Long

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