The Live Action Star Wars TV Series May Have Just Gotten its Setting

So close, Boba Fett, so close.

News about an upcoming, live action Star Wars series has been buzzing about recently, and some of the details about its production are starting to come to light. Firstly, Jon Favreau is set to spearhead the project. The director has already made appearances in the Star Wars universe with Solo and The Clone Wars. He also has big-budget directing experience with beloved narratives, having Iron Man and The Jungle Book under his belt.

Taking on the Star Wars franchise can be intimidating, if not frightening, for anyone, but with the wealth of different nooks, crannies, and gorges of stories to tell, Favreau’s ambitions will surely overcome any hesitance. And it’s rumored that he has found just which area to explore: Mandalore.

The rumor comes from fan site Making Star Wars, which has been good on so much of its’ material in the past. Most casual fans (read: me) will be asking: where? Mandalore has never appeared in a Star Wars film, but it is still an important planet in the galaxy. Its most prominent contributions to mainstream Star Wars narratives come in the form of Boba and Jango Fett. Unfortunately for the former, the series is said to take place a few years after Return of the Jedi, in which Fett the Younger is devoured by a Sarlacc.

So why portray Mandalore without its two most famed denizens? Making Star Wars answers the question with a promising premise: “when the Empire falls, Mandalore falls into a state of turmoil and the series is about restoring Mandalore to its former self and how Mandalore sways will have huge galactic ramifications.”

There may be no famous Fetts, but there should be a great deal of political intrigue and skirmishes following such a massive government turnover. This is also a period in which Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, and other heroes are still around, so there’s loads of cameo potential.

The New York Times, reporting on Disney’s upcoming streaming service (on which the series will stream), wrote that the show “is expected to cost roughly $100 million for 10 episodes.” That’s an enormous, Game of Thrones-sized budget for a series, but hey, we’re talking about the first ever live action Star Wars series.

Featured image: The Millenium Falcon in SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. Courtesy Lucasfilm/Walt Disney Studios