The Final Predator Trailer Goes Full Throttle

Let it never be said that The Predator held anything back. If the final 2-minute trailer is any indication, Shane Black goes all in. The plot is outrageous and certainly doesn’t attempt to carry the psychological weight of a film like Alien. This is a gory action-palooza that is completely self-aware of its own over the top nature. And holy hell are there some wild moments.

Behold the long promised Preda-dogs. They are here and as freaky as you would hope. They have slobbery, stretchy jaws and at least two rows of teeth. Predators are already have super-sensors designed for hunting, which makes dogs of their species obsolete. However, they are ridiculously cool and absolutely necessary for our joy and entertainment. Also, they can bite through an entire bleacher seat in one chomp. It’s going to get crazy.

Predators are unbeatable. They’re physically larger and more muscular than the average human. They can also turn invisible, are technologically advanced, have heat seeking sensors akin to video games. They are here to hunt humans and are pretty successful at it. The joke here is that their prey thinks they’re way more badass than they are scary.

The cast is actually exceptionally stacked an they can pull off the most over the top moments. Despite the immense killing advantage of the Predators, Traeger (Sterling K. Brown) does manage to kill one to study. In explaining the beast to Casey (Olivia Munn), they disagree over what to call it making a jab at the franchise. The Predators kill for fun prompting Casey to call it a ‘sports hunter,’ but Traeger says ‘Predator’ is cooler. Hey, he’s right. Would we want to sit through a film called The Sports Hunter?

The Predator will make its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival next week. We’ll be there to check it out so stay tuned for a full review of the film.

The Predator opens in theaters September 14.

Featured Image: The Predator in Twentith Century Fox’s THE PREDATOR. Photo Credit: Kimberley French.


Kelle Long

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