The Meg Sinks Its Teeth Into Everything in Sight in New Clip

If your weekend plans include a visit to the beach, this new teaser for The Meg might make you think about relocating your summer fun to dry land. The first trailer lightened things up with some laughs, but there’s no relief here. Just relentless pursuit from the bloodthirsty prehistoric shark.

The short spot is low on plot but filled with action. As the super shark begins to attack, the teaser suggests the best way to avoid becoming an ocean snack is to “swim faster.” I am admittedly not a marine biologist, so perhaps it isn’t my place, but I refute this advice. I just cannot see any way that a person could outswim this monster. Real megalodons were almost sixty feet according to top archaeological resource, Wikipedia. The movie version is way bigger and, presumably, way more fun.

There is lunging, chomping, exploding, and yes, some frantic swimming. The only one who isn’t afraid is expert diver, Jonas (Jason Statham), who has seen it all before. That is right. This is not the first encounter between Meg and Jonas. The two are old frenemies who meet once again as lives dangle in the water.

The Meg is almost certainly looking to take a bite out of dinosaur crazy audiences who are still digging on Jurassic World. In fact, if my memory of my grade school reading of Steve Alten’s source material Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror holds, the book opens with Meg making quick work of a T-Rex. TBD if the movie version will show the shark exerting her dominance.

National Treasure director Jon Turteltaub is helming the oceanic epic, which is sure to be a blast. Cool Runnings and National Treasure both came out as I was growing up and my generation still loves them today. Turteltaub weaves a fun yarn and The Meg looks just goofy and scary enough to be another enjoyable adventure.

The Meg swims into theaters August 10.

Featured Image: SHUYA CAI as Meiying in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Gravity Pictures’ action adventure “THE MEG,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures



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