The Dark Knight Will Get an IMAX Encore Next Month

How about a magic trick? I’m gonna make The Dark Knight reappear. Ta-da! The greatest superhero comic film is returning to IMAX theaters next month.

Variety reported that Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece The Dark Knight will get a very limited theatrical re-release in IMAX for one week only. The centerpiece of Nolan’s Batman saga was the first major film to use 70mm photography, or IMAX cameras. Essentially, we’ve all watched it on our 40” screens dozens of times since its release, but the biggest screen of them all is how it is intended to be seen. Here are the locations that will start selling tickets this Friday, July 20. Fire up the Batmobile. You may have to do some traveling to get to the nearest location.

  • AMC Universal Citywalk IMAX, Universal City
  • AMC Lincoln Square IMAX, New York
  • AMC Metreon IMAX, San Francisco
  • Ontario Place Cinesphere IMAX, Toronto

It has been ten years today since Heath Ledger first shocked us with his supremely garish interpretation of the Joker. Never before had the jovial villain gone so dark. There really wasn’t a precedent for the performance. Ledger was a super star as a romantic lead and the Joker was a well-trod territory. We thought we would get a moderate mashing of two known entities, but the combination was something completely original and unexpected.

Ledger gave the impression that the Joker has bottomless depth and potential as a character. Since then, more stars have signed on to tackle the maniacal Gotham criminal. Jared Leto debuted his interpretation in 2016’s Suicide Squad. His version is scheduled to get a standalone spinoff. Just this week, Joaquin Phoenix was confirmed to be filling the role in Todd Phillips’ take on the story. As dubious as we were when Ledger accepted the role, it’s difficult to imagine what a Phoenix/Phillips take would be. Phillips’ resume is filled with blockbuster comedies like The Hangover and Starsky and Hutch. The Dark Knight has taught me to reserve judgment, so I am interested to see where this goes.

All the glory of The Dark Knight goes to Ledger’s Oscar winning performance, but there were actually two great villains in the film. Remember Aaron Eckhart’s tragic transformation? In fact, the whole cast was great including Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman. All worth the trek to a major city to relive the marvelous film in IMAX once more.

Featured Image: Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight via Warner Bros.


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