Shazam! Gets Lit in New Photo Featuring that Super Suit

Just when we thought orphaned 14-year-old Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer) could not get any more star struck with his best friend’s new super suit, the adult Billy Baston (Zachary Levi) reveals another cool feature. Entertainment Weekly’s newest official photo shows of more about what that stretchy, bright red super suit can actually do. The lightning bolt on his chest illuminates so bright it can probably be seen across town. It’s undeniably mesmerizing as Freddy found out. So, what else can that lightning bolt do?

In the first official Shazam! photo, we saw bulked up Billy and carefree Freddy chug some sodas together outside a convenient store. Who doesn’t miss those innocently fun nights filled with spontaneous adventures before the 10 p.m. curfew? Yet, the new photo is even more heartwarming, literally.

By now we know a solid amount about the basics of this costume. There’s its exuberant red and yellow color scheme, its stretchy, spandex makeup with a tight fit (highlighting Levi’s well earned physique), and its modern elements from newer comics that pay homage to the original superhero look. It’s most definitely not what we expected, as it’s quite different from the typical dark and DCEU costumes we usually see. This one is essentially every 14-year-olds dream costume.

One thing we didn’t know yet about this bold costume is that his lightning bolt emblem alights with Freddy’s touch. Shazam! irradiates his lightning bolt and Freddy is just absolutely mesmerized. And the picture most certainly does the photo justice because my smile was just as large as Freddy’s as he stares at Shazam! in awe. It feels as though his heart is welling from underneath his costume. Now we are eager to know the capabilities of Shazam’s insignia. Does it have its own special powers? Well, we will just have to wait and see what director, David Sandberg, has in store for us.

Shazam! hits theaters April 5.

Featured Image: <i>Shazam</i> Courtesy: DC Comics