See the Rise of Justice RBG in the First On the Basis of Sex Trailer

Not all heroes are Star Wars characters. Just ask Rogue One’s Felicity Jones. Jones plays Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a real life heroine, in On the Basis of Sex.

A woman as influential as Ginsburg probably stood out among her peers from the start, but it certainly wasn’t an easy road to the highest court in the land. The beginning of the freshly released On the Basis of Sex trailer really hammers that home. Ginsburg is the only dress in a swarm of suits walking into work, but she’s certainly not hiding.

The real Ginsburg, 85, may be at the pinnacle of the legal institutions of the United States now, but she had to start at the bottom. Ginsburg faced a catch-22 when she had to change the laws just to be able to play in the game. On the Basis of Sex recounts what it was like for Ginsburg to ruffle the feathers of male students and lawyers by finishing top of her law school class and pushing for gender equality. She was challenged and doubted every step of the way, but there were 178 laws that discriminated by sex and a world full of lawyers that scoffed at the idea that gender equality is a civil right. As protests rattled the US and wars erupted in the East, she fought a different battle and proved that one person can inspire change if they have the grit.

Accompanying Jones on her journey to Justice is Call Me By Your Name’s Armie Hammer and The Leftover’s Justin Theroux, along with supporting stars Kathy Bates and Sam Waterston. Mimi Leder (The Leftovers), who understands the story all too well, directs the film. She herself was the first female graduate of the prestigious American Film Institute Conservatory, mirroring Ginsburg’s own struggle in a world run by men.

Can’t get enough of the groundbreaking Supreme Court Justice? RBG is in theaters now. On the Basis of Sex hits theaters December 25.