Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Debauching Another Childhood Favorite, Home Alone

Being Home Alone when you’re eight is a very different than when you’re 28. Or is it? Deadline has reported that Ryan Reynolds is set to produce and potentially star in Stoned Alone, a film with all of the fun and gags from Home Alone in a decidedly adult version. Leave it to Reynolds to cash in on a beloved holiday favorite by completely corrupting it. This is, of course, the guy who mixed foul-mouthed Deadpool with Bob Ross and Good Housekeeping.

Deadline has the scoop that Reynolds plans to reboot the family classic with an R-rated twist. After missing his family holiday vacation, a grown adult – who we’ll call Kevin – makes the best of things by getting high. Having the house to himself is relaxing until paranoia sets in while the house is simultaneously burglarized. Sounds like a vulgar, slapstick misadventure waiting to happen.

While neither the studio nor Reynolds have confirmed his participation as an actor, we can’t imagine anyone else in the role. Reynolds has always had impeccable comedic timing. In the Deadpool movies, he’s hilarious every time he breaks the fourth wall (and really, all other times as well). Even just as a producer, given all the creative input he has had on the Deadpool movies, we know he can make a great, raunchy, subversive comedy. Add weed to the mix, who knows what he’ll be able to bake up?

Never Goin’ Back director Augustine Frizzell is attached with The Package writers Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider on board for the screenplay. The entire team has a flair raunchy comedy. Mixed with nostalgia for the 1990 film targeted at the now grown audience, this could be huge. Reynolds is infamous for recruiting top tier cameos. A Macaulay Culkin appearance has to be a given, right?

With all the talent behind, and potentially in front of, the camera, Fox is sure to take Home Alone to a new high.