James Wan Can’t Resist Sharing a Peek at the Upcoming Aquaman Trailer

It is San Diego Comic-Con time again, and with it come first looks at upcoming blockbusters like Aquaman and Shazam!.
Aquaman director James Wan, who also helmed hits Furious 7 and The Conjuring, took to Twitter Sunday night to show just how hard he and his editing room are working to make the new trailer, and the movie itself, as sharp as possible.

While only a few gorgeous images from the film have come to light, the image in the Tweet teases one fresh detail from the movie: Aquaman’s classic trident. The Justice League character, played by Jason Momoa , wielded a quindent—or a five-pronged spear—in the team-up film. However, the image features a character (appears to be Aquaman, but difficult to see) holding the traditional trident aloft. He also looks to be standing on the back of a surfaced whale, what with the huge tail in the background. Per Twitter user @Almin_Agic, the composition of the still actually calls back to a menacing panel from a DC comic book, which isn’t an uncommon practice in the DCEU films.

Sharks rising out of the sea and ripping enemies apart might have been a bit intense for a first-look trailer. Green Lantern and Batman, though? Count us in. With Steppenwolf and Ares already introduced in recent DC films, the arrival of a cosmic hero like a Lantern would be a natural, and awesome, addition. However, all details indicate that, despite taking place after Justice League, this will be a standalone feature for Aquaman as far as his big-name allies are concerned.

Still, the digitally rendered home of the superhero will provide a movie experience unlike anything we’ve seen, and its complex, seven-kingdom politics are sure to be captivating. Patrick Wilson (a longtime favorite of Wan’s), Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, and more will flesh out the battle for the throne.

Aquaman surfaces in theaters December 21.

Featured Image: Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Courtesy: Warner Bros. Pictures

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