Michael Myers Looks Worse for the Wear in First Halloween Poster

Time has not been kind to Michael Myers. The serial killer of Haddonfield is back with a few more wrinkles than he sported four decades ago. Universal has released the first poster for the upcoming Halloween and The Shape’s stoic mask has weathered with age.

Halloween 2018. Courtesy: Universal Pictures

The brilliant poster design rivals the 1978 classic jack-o-lantern wielding a carving knife that’s haunted our nightmares since childhood. Myers’ looming stillness hangs in a black abyss and you could fall right into his dark eyes. Frankly, the image is terrifying and takes us right back to everything we loved about the original. This is no cheap knock off. Blumhouse is putting some real skill into this sequel and it looks primed to live up to John Carter’s genius original film.

Harkening back to 1978 might seem a little fuzzy, but Halloween was a true original. It was the first time we had a slasher looming in the shadows and saw much of the film from the villain’s perspective. The suspense was skillfully designed and made bloodshed an art. Needless to say, it is a true masterpiece of horror history.

Jamie Lee Curtis is reprising her role as Laurie Strode. Plot details are scarce, but all signs point toward the defender of Haddonfield passing off the fight to a younger generation. Judy Greer joins the cast as Strode’s daughter and there is potentially a grandchild involved who would be right in the teenage years. A perfect target for Myers.

The action picks up exactly 40 years after the film’s first encounter with the murderous Myers. Although the film was released in 1978, the story was actually based in 1963. The would put this film’s timeline in 2003 – the year Freddy vs. Jason was released. The new Halloween is actually ignoring everything post Halloween II, so you won’t have as much catching up to do to be ready for the return. This poster release could mean there’s a trailer coming soon, so lock all the doors. Michael is coming home again.

Halloween is back October 19.

Featured Image: Nick Castle and Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween 2018. Courtesy: Universal Pictures


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