Glimpse The Process of Incredibles 2 With New Behind-The-Scenes Images

With the highly anticipated release of Brad Bird’s The Incredibles 2 just two months away, fans who have been waiting 14 very long years are eager for information about the sequel to one of the most beloved Pixar films of all time. The first teaser revealed some of Jack-Jack’s powers that we glimpsed briefly in The Incredibles, and the first trailer confirmed that the sequel would focus more on super-mom Elastigirl (the great Helen Hunt). The most recent trailer also gave fans a glimpse at the struggles that Mr. Incredible will face as a stay-at-home dad—from super toddler tantrums, to puberty—and the films nefarious high-tech villain.

Now Disney has gifted fans once again with a closer look at the Parr family and the ideas behind the film. Collider shared images from a trip to Pixar HQ, and the bounty they’ve come away with is massive. They’ve got a look at how some specific sequences came together, and these include storyboards, sketches, and concept art, showing how ideas go from an artist’s mind to the page, and from the page to the screen. Like all great stories, films start with an idea, then sketches, and then, oh, roughly a thousand steps between, especially for the notoriously detail-oriented, slow food style process of Pixar, which proudly takes years to prep a film. The amount of work between a storyboard to a finished shot is astonishing, and speaks to the painstaking process Pixar implements from conception to execution.

These images give you a sense of how characters are created and personalized. Edna Moe might be a fashion icon, and yet sometimes we forget she’s a character who first appeared in someone’s imagination. In the film, we know that Elastigirl’s new job comes with some pretty great perks, including a lavish new home for the Parr family, and you’ll see in the concept art how that new home was envisioned, articulated on the page, and then made it to the screen.

The process is intensive, but the results speak to themselves.

For the entire cache of images, click here

The Incredibles 2 premiers in theaters June 15.

Featured image: The Incredibles 2. Courtesy Pixar/Disney. 


Kabira Barlow