Watch how They Created Electrified Thor, Hulk, the Giant Wolf & More in Stellar Thor: Ragnarok VFX Reel

The Framestore has done it again. The incredible VFX shop has released a new behind-the-scenes reel on how they did their wizardry work on Thor: Ragnarok, and it’s an immensely impressive feat of body-snatching.

What we mean to say is that for a bunch of scenes, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Hera (Cate Blanchett) needed to be doubled, and not by stunt performers, but by their digital doppelgängers.

Framestore has done a lot of work with Marvel in the past, including the battle for Avengers tower in Avengers: Ultron. You’ll see the work in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2, but for now, rejoice in their work on the epic final act of Thor: Ragnarok, where they produced 459 shots of “heavy-duty VFX and a host of fully-CG characters.”

That heavy-duty VFX includes the planet of Asgard, the giant wolf that Hulk battles, Hulk himself (!!), our beloved Korg, the aforementioned digital recreations of Blanchett, as the horned headdress wearing Hera, and Thor, in his and improved (less one eye) lightning version, and a whole lot more. We especially love all the minute detail that was created for the wolf’s face, just a moment before we see Hulk punch that face—hard. In fact it’s incredible how much VFX folks like Framestore need to know about anatomy to make these scenes work. They’re not just hitting a button that reads “Hulk” or “Giant Wolf,” but building these characters from the bones up. You’ll see a lot of skeletons in this VFX reel.

We can’t wait to see what work Framestore did for Infinity War, which has more characters, and therefore more opportunity for digital recreation, than any film in Marvel history. We imagine it’ll be their biggest, most heavy-duty VFX work yet.

Featured image: Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok. Courtesy Marvel/Walt Disney Studios.


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