Watch Director Taika Waititi Play a Huge, Sensitive Rock Monster in new Thor: Ragnarok Clip

Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi is a man of many talents, and one of them is acting. Waititi has acted in a slew of films, including his own excellent Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What We Do in the Shadows. For Ragnarok, he took on the role of Korg, which required the actor/director to get into a motion-capture performance suit, considering Korg is a giant rock monster.

In this brief but very funny clip, Thor muses about his beloved, lost hammer as he shops for a new weapon on the planet Sakaar. The person/thing he’s chatting with is Korg, who, in this clip, has zero voice modulation—that’s Waitit’s Kiwi-accented voice coming out of the massive rock beast. 

Korg is understandably confused about the physics of Thor’s ability to fly with the hammer, but then begins to make a poetic, quite lovely observation about the magnitude of Thor’s loss. “Sounds like you had a pretty and special relationship with this hammer, and that losing it was almost comparable to losing a loved one.”

Thor’s quite taken aback by Korg’s sensitivity.

This exclusive clip aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it follows a week in which the news surrounding Thor: Ragnarok was all very positive.

Thor: Ragnaork opens on November 3. 


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