First Look at A Christmas Story Live!

The itchy collars, the ugly sweaters, the gaudy leg lamps. We all remember taking the family Christmas photo and now we can relive it all again with the Parkers. The first promo for A Christmas Story Live! reveals Ralphie, Randy, Mother and the Old Man posing in their wintry best.

The iconic battle over the Old Man’s “major award” is brewing once again. Mother (Maya Rudolph) has the boys in picture perfect order while the Old Man (Chris Diamantopoulos) sets up the self-timing camera on the tripod. Mrs. Parker thinks it’s all a go when dad adds a last minute addition, the infamous sexed up leg lamp. Family photos can never be easy.

This is our first glimpse at the cast in their roles, and they all look perfect in their parts. Rudolph is a comedic genius and we can’t wait to see her as the patient, supportive, and exhausted Mrs. Parker. Diamantopoulos nails the part of Mr. Parker who has a short fuse and a passion for anatomy inspired lighting. Most impressive is young actor Andy Walken who will take on the lead role of Ralphie in the live musical production on FOX this December.

The holiday program will be a televised production of the 2009 Broadway musical adaptation of the 1983 Christmas movie classic. Matthew Broderick does not appear in the brief teaser, but the star has been cast as the adult Ralphie who narrates the story. Jean Shepherd narrated the original film based on his memoir.

A Christmas Story Live! airs on FOX December 17.


Kelle Long

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