Independence Day: Resurgence Presents Hybrid Alien Technology

"Consumers now enjoy the benefits of innovations like the nano drone spy. It's tiny, it's real cute, but it's a naughty, naughty thing," says David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum), describing the hybrid technology, that is alien technology paired with human innovation, that people all over the world have enjoyed since the War of 96 left a whole bunch of alien spacecraft smoldering on the planet. These hybrid technologies also include the "quantum warp-core vacuum" that "sucks like a black hole."

It's one of Independence Day: Resurgence's clever ideas—humans took all the tech that aliens left behind and used it not only to build up a huge global defense system, but to improve their daily lives. Of course, there wouldn't be a movie if the aliens didn't come back (and not to compliment them on hacking their tech and using it to clean their apartments), so the bulk of the film will be about the technology that helps people destroy things.

But for now, enjoy this fun little teaser released by 20th Century Fox, and prepare for the invasion on June 24.


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