Deadly Dog Fighting in new Independence Day: Resurgence Clip

In Independence Day: Resurgence Jessie Usher plays Dylan Dubrow, the son of Stephen Hiller (Will Smith) and Jasmine Dubrow (Vivica A. Fox). As you know by now, Smith couldn't be in Resurgence, and his character was killed off while test piloting the first alien hybrid fighter jet that his son will fly in this film. In this new clip, Dylan and Jake Morrison (Liam Hemsworth) are heading for a collision in a dog fight with aliens that looks to end in tragedy.

Obviously, we doubt either dies (at least not in this moment), but the rumors have been circling that Resurgence will be the second film in an Independence Day trilogy, which puts it in the same Empire Strikes Back slot of darker, more desperate middle films. Will the aliens win the war? Will more major characters died? We'll find out on June 24.


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