Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Policies are a Priority for Major Film & TV Studios

April 22, 2016

In observance of Earth Day, the MPAA announced that its member companies collectively prevented 23,000 tons of their studio sets and other solid waste from entering landfills in 2015. That’s a 72% diversion rate of the studios’ solid waste from entering landfills, marking the fourth year in a row that percentage has been over 70 percent.

Impressive as they are, those numbers only tell a small piece of the story. From water conservation and reducing CO2 emissions to raising awareness about preservation through campaigns and stories, the MPAA studios – Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, NBC Universal, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Entertainment – are on the cutting-edge of weaving eco-conscious values into everyday practices. Each of the studios individually and voluntarily take on a wide variety of environmentally friendly initiatives throughout the entire year – and many times they are recognized and awarded for their efforts.

MPAA Chairman and CEO Senator Chris Dodd said, “It’s a great honor to represent studios that use their global platforms to raise awareness about the importance of sustaining our environment, while also bringing innovative and green-friendly policies to practice every day.”

Take a look at this fact sheet and the infographic below, which both detail just some of ways the film and television industry continues to go green.