“Deadpool & Wolverine” Reveal Popcorn Bucket Set to Rival Infamous “Dune: Part Two” Offering

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige promised that Deadpool & Wolverine would deliver a popcorn bucket that would take on Dune: Part Two’s infamous offering, and boy, he wasn’t kidding.

Stars Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and the movie’s official Twitter page unveiled the new bucket, a somewhat naughty popcorn vessel that is Wolverine’s helmet with a large open mouth. Is it “crude and rude” as Feige promised? It depends on your sensitivity level. It is very much in the Deadpool franchise’s wheelhouse: irreverent, winking, and fun.

The first time we heard about the popcorn bucket was during the Super Bowl teaser when Reynolds promised one. Then Feige backed that up by mentioning the bucket at Cinema-Con in April.

“We’ve asked Deadpool to design a popcorn bucket for Deadpool & Wolverine,” Feige said at Cinema-Con. “And I don’t want to spoil it, but I will say, there are some movies that inadvertently make crude and rude popcorn buckets, and then there are popcorn buckets designed by Deadpool.”

Dune: Part Two‘s popcorn bucket was the subject of an SNL skit that pointed out how it looked as if it could be useful for other passions besides watching a movie. Deadpool & Wolverine was the perfect opportunity for Marvel to cook up their own bucket, considering it’s the first R-rated movie in MCU history.

Deadpool & Wolverine, and the Wolverine popcorn bucket, will hit theaters on July 26.

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Featured image: (L-R): Hugh Jackman as Wolverine/Logan and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool/Wade Wilson in 20th Century Studios/Marvel Studios’ DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE. Photo by Jay Maidment. © 2024 20th Century Studios / © and ™ 2024 MARVEL.


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