Mia Goth Makes it to Hollywood in Killer First Trailer for A24’s “MaXXXine”

Maxine Minx (Mia Goth) finally makes it to Hollywood in the first trailer for Ti West’s MaXXXine, but Tinsel Town has some awful surprises in store for her. Yet Maxine is not the type of young woman to get bullied, even by a mysterious killer who is stalking the land of dreams and turning it into a nightmare.

The first trailer for MaXXXine is a neon-lit 1980s fever dream, revealing rising star Goth as the titular determined former adult film actress who will stop at nothing to make her name in Hollywood. MaXXXine is the third film in Ti West’s trilogy, which has seen Goth become one of cinema’s reigning scream queens—there’s even a fun mention of former scream queens who have gone on to have huge careers, including Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis—and put both her and West on the map. The previous two films, and Pearl, both dropped in 2022, so it’s been a relatively long wait for fans.

MaXXXine picks up six years after the events in Pearl, with Goth’s lone survivor moving to a ghoulish mid-80s Los Angeles, where she plans on reinventing herself as a proper actress. The Night Stalker, the mysterious killer making Los Angeles a living hell, has other plans, but as the trailer proves, Maxine is unlikely to let a murderer decide her fate.

The cast surrounding Goth is stellar, including Kevin Bacon, Giancarlo Esposito, Elizabeth Debicki, Lily Collins, Bobby Cannavale, and Halsey.

Check out the trailer below. MaXXXine hits theaters on July 5:

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Featured image: Mia Goth and Halsey in “MaXXXine.” Courtesy A24


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