Kevin Feige Unleashes 9 Minutes of “Deadpool & Wolverine” at CinemaCon

Disney’s presentation at this year’s CinemaCon in Las Vegas was a lot less PG than it usually is. That’s because this year, the studio had Deadpool & Wolverine to show off, the latest installment in the raunchiest, most ribald franchise in the superhero world.

The presentation began with a PSA reminding audience members to silence their phones. Then it cut to Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) discussing rumors for Avengers: Secret Wars, the first Avengers film since Endgame dominated box offices in 2019. Naturally, Deadpool is chatty and ready to explain his theories for what happens, but a cell phone blares from the audience, cutting him off. After several interruptions, the short-fused Wolverine finally loses his cool and unleashes a bevy of F-bombs. This is a nifty way for Marvel to let folks know that just because Deadpool is now officially a Marvel film (it used to belong to Fox) and Marvel’s a Disney-owned studio doesn’t mean the new movie will be any less potty-mouthed.

Kevin Feige added to the loose and limber vibe, summing up the Reynolds/Jackman team-up movie this way: “It’s f**king awesome.” The 9 minutes of footage included Deadpool and Wolverine dealing with the multiverse while slinging the barbed wit that fans of the franchise have come to love. That includes taking shots at the very movie they’re watching, Marvel, and even Disney.

Director Shawn Levy was on hand to reveal the footage, which were all spoiler-free selects. The new look at Deadpool & Wolverine included some funny details, including Reynolds’ Wade Wilson, now retired from the superhero business, selling cars, but doing so in his insanely unsuitable way. Eventually, as we learned in the gangbusters trailer, Wade will find himself at the Time Variance Authority HQ, where he’s deployed on a mission that eventually has him colliding with Wolverine.

There were plenty of laughs during the footage, which Feige said was specially picked out by Levy and Reynolds for the CinemaCon crowd. Deadpool & Wolverine is Marvel’s only 2024 release, coming on July 26, yet the studio must feel pretty good about it, considering it became the most-watched trailer in history.

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Featured image: L-r: Ryan Reynolds is Wade Wilson/Deadpool and Hugh Jackman is Logan/Wolverine in “Deadpool 3.” Courtesy Ryan Reynolds/Marvel Studios


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