James McAvoy Re-teams With Blumhouse for Horror Thriller “Speak No Evil”

James McAvoy is reteaming with the studio he worked with on M. Night Shyamalan’s Split and Glass for a new, twisted project.

McAvoy has boarded the film Speak No Evil for the horror maestros at Blumhouse, a remake of the Danish film Gaesterne, which was directed by Christian Tafdrup. Eden Lake and The Woman in Black director James Watkins will helm the film, and Universal Pictures has slated it for an August 9, 2024 release.

The conceit for the film is the classic horror setup; a family takes a vacation to a beautiful country home, not realizing they’re booking themselves into a nightmare. It’s a premise that’s been explored countless times to maximum effect, from Jordan Peele’s excellent sophomore feature Us to M. Night Shyamalan’s recent Cabin in the Woods. 

The original Danish film was a critical darling, earning 11 Danish Film Awards (their version of the Oscars). The script for Speak No Evil will be based on the original script written by Christian Tafdrup and Mads Tafdrup.

McAvoy has proven himself more than able and willing to go dark. In Shyamalan’s Split, McAvoy played the Horde, the film’s terrifying villain who unleashed multiple personalities on his victims. It was a bravura performance, and one wonders if he’ll get another chance to flex those mean muscles in Speak No Evil—or—if he’ll be playing a family man faced with unthinkable choices. Either way, it’ll be worth watching.

Here’s a peek at the thoroughly affecting trailer for the original film:

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