Watch the First Trailer for Snowpiercer, Adapted From Oscar-Nominated Bong Joon Ho’s 2013 Film

Considering there are few directors more beloved than Parasite‘s Bong Joon Ho, there couldn’t be a better time to see one of his most overlooked films get adapted for TV. Bong Joon Ho’s epic sci-fi thriller Snowpiercer, based on the “Le Transperceneige” graphic novels, was unceremoniously buried way back in 2013, despite being an absolutely ripping story with a great cast (Tilda Swinton! Chris Evans!). Snowpiercer is about an endless train ride through a frozen landscape in which the train itself is divided, brutally, by class. It’s a story about the pernicious effects of climate change (an experiment to alter its effects end up killing all life on the planet save for the passengers on the Snowpiercer) and class warfare (literally, in this case). Now TNT is bringing Snowpiercer into your living room, inspired by the “Le Transperceneige” graphic novels and Bong Joon Ho‘s 2013 film. The show premieres on Sunday, May 31, at 9 pm ET/PT.

The series, long in the works, boasts a great cast that includes stars Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs. Orphan Black co-creator Graeme Manson is leading the show (after some creative changes at the top). Here’s what Manson had to say about the show during WarnerMedia’s TCA presentation: “I can’t speak much to the original project because I really wasn’t involved in it at all, but I just loved the movie. I loved that tone, I loved the energy, and I loved that it was the weirdest action movie I’ve ever seen. I wanted, above all else, for it to be exciting like that.”

If you haven’t seen the film, we highly recommend it. It’s thrilling, funny, gross (there’s a now-infamous scene involving protein bars you’ll likely never forget), and brilliantly made. We’ve got high hopes that Snowpiercer the show can bring some of Bong Joon Ho’s infectious energy to the small screen.

Joining Connelly and Diggs are Alison Wright, Mickey Sumner, Susan Park, Iddo Goldberg, Katie McGuinness, Lena Hall, Annalise Basso, Sam Otto, Roberto Urbina, Sheila Vand, and Jaylin Fletcher.

Check out the new trailer here:

Here’s the official synopsis for Snowpiercer:

Set more than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, Snowpiercer centers on the remnants of humanity who inhabit a perpetually moving train, with 1001 cars, that circles the globe. Class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival play out in this riveting television adaptation.

Featured image: Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly in ‘Snowpiercer.’ Courtesy TNT.


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