Adam Driver Returns to SNL and Reprises Kylo Ren in Undercover Boss Sketch

Adam Driver has been just about everywhere lately. The supremely talented actor is up for an Oscar for Best Actor for his work in Noah Baumbach‘s Marriage Story. Driver also starred in a little film called Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkerfinishing out his arc as the First Order’s conflicted Alpha, Kylo Ren. And this past Saturday night, Driver returned to Saturday Night Live for the third time, and during the consistently funny episode, he reprised his role as Kylo Ren in an Undercover Boss sketch.

This was the second time Driver had played his petulant lightsaber-wielding maniac in an Undercover Boss sketch for SNL. The first time Driver played Ren going undercover to see what life is really like for a First Order employee (if you can call them that), he pretended to be “Matt,” a lowly technician plying his trade on the Starkiller Base. In this past weekend’s sketch, which was based on a “Where Are They Now” special episode premise, Kylo shows up on the Starkiller base once again as the intern “Randy.” It turns out that even as an intern, Kylo Ren is just a terrible coworker.

Even though Kylo tries to fit in (he greets his fellow interns with “Okay, Boomer,” to zero laughs), he’s unable to control his temper for too long. A fellow intern who isn’t terribly interested in the intertwined fate of Kylo and Rey gets a face-full of Matt the intern. When he gets berated for messing up a blue milk order, a First Order admiral (Beck Bennett) pays the ultimate price. So, too, does a young female intern who dreams of being a TIE-Fighter pilot (SNL newcomer Chloe Fineman). It seems even when undercover Kylo tries to do something good, his rage gets the best of him.

Driver’s trademark intensity is a great fit for SNL, which gleefully plays off it to hilarious effect. Now that Driver’s seemingly done his duties as Kylo Ren, it must have been bittersweet to play him one final time in an SNL skit that gently mocked Kylo’s emotional volatility.

Check out the sketch here:

Featured image: Adam Driver returns to ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and in this sketch, plays Kylo Ren. Courtesy NBC


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