Captain Marvel Will Have two Post-Credits Scenes

As the first reactions to Captain Marvel are pouring in following a press screening by Marvel Studios last night, spoiler-free nuggets of information are being revealed. As is the norm with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many of the films come accompanied with post-credits scenes that tease upcoming releases and the interplay between the MCU’s many superheroes. So it’s not surprising that such is the case with Captain Marvel.

In fact, Captain Marvel boasts two bonus scenes, and from what we’re hearing, they’re both very effective.

The film also includes a touching tribute to the late Stan Lee, who passed away last November. Lee was a co-writer of Marvel Comics in the 1960s, and its primary creative leader for two decades. Without Lee, there is no MCU. Period.

Captain Marvel is intriguing for a bunch of reasons. The most important of these is that this is the MCU’s first film to feature a woman in the title role. As the positive buzz around the film suggests, Brie Larson is fantastic as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. Her interplay with Samuel L. Jackson’s young Nick Fury is getting a ton of plaudits, as is Ben Mendelsohn, who steals every scene in every film he’s in. There’s also a lot of excitement around Latasha Lynch’s Monica Rambeau, Danvers’ flying buddy in the Air Force. Finally, directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have made the most out of the film’s era—the 90s—and the fact Captain Marvel is part Kree. Many folks who saw the film have discussed how ambitious and cosmic the storyline is.

So what might those post-credits scenes be? Considering the next Marvel film on the docket is the Russo Brothers Avengers: Endgame, you’d imagine it would tease it somehow. Yet because Captain Marvel takes place decades before the events in that film, one wonders if the post-credits scenes will take us well into the future, or, hint at some earlier connection between Danvers and the Avengers.

We’ll find out soon enough. Captain Marvel flies into theaters on March 8.

Featured image: Marvel Studios’ CAPTAIN MARVEL. Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). Photo: Film Frame. ©Marvel Studios 2019


Jessy Diamba

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