The World Doubts Superheroes Exist in New Glass Trailer

The costume design on superhero films can be truly remarkable. They are often customized pieces of protection and equipment, plus they look incredibly cool. However, if people possessing superhuman strength, intelligence, or invincibility actually existed in our world, they probably wouldn’t spring for all the fashion accessories. So how could you spot them? In the latest trailer for Glass, Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson) doubts that any of her patients have sprung from the pages of a comic book.

Dr. Staple explains to Kevin (James McAvoy), David (Bruce Willis), and Elijah (Samuel L. Jackson) that the extraordinary powers we have seen them witness are more delusions of grandeur than feats of greatness. Never mind David’s ability to see into people’s lives at a single touch, or Kevin’s ability to scale walls, or Elijah’s ability to bring them all together.

Dr. Staple is one of the most intriguing characters to me in this installment in the franchise. She claims to specialize in working with people who believe they are special. If that is true, could there be more like our trio out there, or are her other patients actually frauds?

She makes a good point that there are men who can rival David for strength. There is a reasonable argument to be made that his survival of the deadly train crash was pure luck. However, if so, his sight when touching people would have to be a mere hallucination. I would caution Dr. Staple that just because David’s cape looks more like a rain slicker doesn’t mean he is faking his abilities. In fact, he usually seems reluctant to possess them.

I am very curious to know what role Dr. Staple will play in the saga. Is she merely an antagonist who muddies the water and provokes Elijah to prove his powers in destructive ways? Is she perhaps a villain herself with equal powers who marvels as Elijah does at meeting her equals? Or could she actually be a well-meaning psychologist who will expose the mental illness and vast coincidence that has led us to this point? If the lines are blurred between normal and super, can they be blurred between hero and villain?

The key here still seems to be Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy), who is still only making sparse appearances in the previews. She is likely the missing piece that will clear up these puzzle pieces. And yet, this is an M. Night Shyamalan film. Twists are inevitable.

Glass breaks into theaters January 18.

Featured Image: James McAvoy is the Beast in ‘Glass.’ Courtesy: Universal Studios



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