Elijah Seems to Mastermind a Meeting of Super-humans in New Glass Trailer

It is difficult to recruit fresh blood in your quest for world domination from inside the confines of a mental institution. That is unless you have superhuman abilities of mental manipulation. Then, your followers will come to you. At least, that is the case for Elijah Price who will finally come face to face with The Beast in Glass.

A new trailer for the culmination of M. Night Shyamalan’s stellar superhero trilogy reveals a little bit more about how Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy), Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson), and David Dunn (Bruce Wills) will finally end up together in the same room. On the surface, their seemingly extraordinary abilities have garnered the attention of psychiatrist Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson) who tries to treat the trio for delusions. Of course, it is unlikely that their gathering was coincidental.

The recently released trailer makes stronger allusions than we’ve seen to the idea that Elijah masterminded the meeting. A nurse informs him that two new patients will be joining him soon. Yet, Elijah seems to already know or at least have been expecting them. Just as he rooted out David in Unbreakable through planning terrorist attacks, it seems Elijah feels responsible for bringing the three remarkable men together.

The most interesting revelation of this trailer is seeing how Elijah and Kevin interact. We spent the entirety of Split in fear of Kevin’s alter-ego The Beast, and it was with good reason. He killed nearly everyone he encountered without hesitation. One of Kevin’s personalities, Patricia, warns Elijah that The Beast is merciless. The physically fragile Mr. Glass seems unfazed despite being the most vulnerable. He seems certain that he will be able to survive an encounter with The Beast and even control him.

That may all seem fairly obvious. Elijah has summoned The Beast and proven he’s more than human, so seems equipped to deal with the consequences. What is telling, however, is that we only know of one other human to ever live to tell of The Beast. We’re still waiting to see how Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy) develops as a character, but you can bet that by virtue of being alive, she’s no ordinary human.

Glass reveals its secrets in theaters January 18.

Featured Image: Samuel L. Jackson is Mr. Glass in ‘Glass.’ Courtesy Universal Pictures


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